Economic picture

Fishing produce

The sea urchins

Otranto sea, which can boast one of the cleanest waters in Italy, offers rich fish resources. Fishing occupation is widespread; the mackerel, the grey mullet, the grouper, the white sea bream, the dentex, the saddled bream, the bass, the gilthead, the mullet, the scorpion fish, the John Dory, the anchovy, the sardine, the octopus, the squid, the cuttlefish, boopsare the chief fish caught. But do not forget the delicious sea urchins!

The fish-breeding of soles, basses, eels and grey mullets is largely widespread in Alimini basins.  However, there is the ban on fishing because the whole area is privately run.


Olive tree

Olive groves, fox grapes, wheat and vegetables growing is of vital importance to Otranto economy. Olive trees provide us with oil, exported all over the world.

The growing of fox grapes involves considerable male and female labour. Most of the labourers work in such field in the winter months. Fox grapes are wild vines, which are grafted to become the vine that we all know. Recently, the fox grape is grafted on the spot and replanted in different countries by customers who come every year from all the Mediterranean basin to buy it.

Cornfields are endless and provide us with flour, the essential component of Otrantino cuisine. The growing of vegetables is various and includes tomatoes, chicories, aubergines, peppers, French beans, courgettes, etc.

Local handicraft

Local handicraft

The many visitors who arrive every year in Otranto are fascinated by the rich handicrafts. The handmade crafts are different and are made from the most varied raw materials. We cannot help mentioning the cane baskets, the wonderful mosaics, whose patterns seem sometimes to be drawn from the Cathedral mosaic floor in Otranto, the lucky colourful terracotta little bells, the loom woven linen.


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